Why any business should be in the broadcasting business.

Why any business should be in the broadcasting business.

Love him or hate him Donald Trump has achieved one thing.

He is broadcasting his own thoughts when he wants to who he wants, last count 45.5 million people,   and by passing traditional media entirely.

Something forward thinking businesses are now realizing can be a very powerful tool.   It used to be that to get to an audience the only way to go was newspapers, radio or TV.  All of which were expensive with a high wastage rate, as in how many people were actually interested.

Today any business, with a little guidance, can be their own newspaper, radio and TV three of the most powerful communication tools on the plant.

Not only that a business can also control how and where their messages are seen and heard, as in distribution.  Before that was controlled by traditional media.

Maybe the most interesting part, unlike traditional methods, a business can actually see the ROI by using online analytics.

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