Whats that in your hand?

Remember its a mouse not a remote

Many companies are starting to create their own business video and audio content as opposed to getting an external company in to do it for them.

What is becoming clear is that online video requires a different skill set and style of content to produce and be effective.

The reason is simple.  The TV remote might be down the back of the sofa but your mouse is on the end of your arm.

People’s attention span and viewing style online is very different to that of watching your favourite Netflix series.  Next time you watch a movie or series on your favourite streaming channel just count the moments when there is either no dialogue or one of those big panning shots.

Watching on your TV nailed to the wall in your lounge in relax mode you will enjoy it.  I doubt you would be as tolerant of an online video promoting a business, yet a lot look just like that.

We have all seen them.  Man walks through office door.  Camera pans to smiling receptionist, you know the kind of thing.  What works on TV does not work online.  In short get to the point.

We all know that you work in an office and have a smiling receptionist.  Give me something of interest from the start.

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