Should Law firms stand out or fit in?

New clients are looking for differences among lawyers and law firms, but have difficulty identifying any. If nothing stands out about the firm or its people as being different from any other.” In today’s competitive environment, this should be a red flag to all partners in law firms.

Don Draper in season two of Mad Men said it all. 

It is critical that lawyers and law firms not only be able to truthfully describe what makes them different/better than their competition, but also demonstrate that differentiation.

The solution is to introduce yourself at the very start of the new client relationship.  Most partners are already well skilled in this area; it’s just a simple matter of doing it in video.

The case for using video profiles

Be honest what does a head and shoulders shot and fifty words of text really convey to any potential client?  Plus it’s what all other law firms are doing.

Should you stand out in a crowded marketplace?

Yes.  Think about this from the client’s point of view.

  • They have a problem
  • They know they need a lawyer
  • The problem is which one

The look no further is video.  Most clients are not looking for a firm they are looking for a person they can trust to solve their problem and nothing builds trust like introducing yourself in video.

Why law firms and accountants are using video marketing in 2018.

For most firms the decision to use video marketing seems to be taken at a strategic level. 

I would ask why?

Most partners will have a financial investment in the firm and a practice to manage and grow which is why more are turning to using video to attract new clients.

Traditionally using video marketing has been and expensive luxury and normally a one off that did not delivered a return on the investment.  The main reason is when the decision is taken to use video at a strategic level it normally ends up being a corporate video.  A one size fits all approach.

Differentiation Is Not Just a Marketing Buzzword

Which begs the question is a corporate video really right for your firm?  Let us help you decide with our free thirty minute consultation.