Business Skills

  • Forget your preconceptions of learning, we did.

    Blended learning is a tried and tested way to learn a new business skill.  We have taken it one stage further and put it online.

    Using video you will assimilate basic knowledge faster.  Add to that our mentoring and it’s like having a personal trainer for business skills.


    To produce a sixty to ninety second video that can be added to you profile page that will get clients calling YOU.

    How long will it take?

    About twenty minutes plus one to one mentoring if required


  • Your personal trainer is John Reynolds.

    A Sony award winning BBC journalist and producer.  Just what you need when it comes  to creating your content.

    An accredited WorldHost customer service trainer.  The kind of person you need on your team if you want to understand how clients think.

    A university lecturer in digital marketing.  You know what they say about those that teach.  However John has worked with most of the major brands over the years in public relations and digital media marketing.

    As an award winning presenter he is used to knowing what the difficult questions to ask are, and how to respond to them.


This is a certified course that can add to your continuing development.  In order to gain the certificate you will need to take the knowledge checks and get an 80% pass mark.

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