Metro logistics

Metro Logistics has the principal objective of helping local authorities to cut congestion and pollution in town and city centres.

It draws on our experience of moving freight on passenger trains: whereas in the past we have utilised the marginal space available in lockers or power cars, with ML we capture whole carriages which are unused on off-peak services running between outer urban and city centre stations.

We’re also utilising the advances in cycle logistics technology which enables us to employ standardised freight units that can easily and quickly be wheeled on/off trains straight to a power assisted trailer harnessed to the humble bicycle. Once again urban stations become dynamic freight hubs served by sustainable local transport.

What has set the model apart is the commitment to rail related property from institutional investors with a keen interest in sustainable transport and distribution.

With money available for station improvements and local facilities it helps councils achieve a shift to public transport; at the same time, using the trains to move larger volume freight at the same time as passengers makes better use of rail capacity and reduces the number of vans delivering into town centres.

Thus metro logistics demonstrates a transport virtuous circle.   Watch the video below for more…