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  • Food producers and video

    Food producers sell more with video

    I like food eating it and cooking it.  Being a foodie I am always on the lookout for interesting food producers and their story.   Why and how they started to produce food? What makes their product so special? What interesting ways can I use it? It became clear that the one thing that would answer […]

  • Does advertising work?

    Twitter has reported its first quarterly net profit helped by a rise in video advertising sales.  BBC news story That was despite the number of people using the social network coming in below expectations.  Twitter’s previous failure to make a profit had confounded investors given its widespread use and popularity among celebrities and politicians. One […]

  • Should Law firms stand out or fit in?

    New clients are looking for differences among lawyers and law firms, but have difficulty identifying any. If nothing stands out about the firm or its people as being different from any other.” In today’s competitive environment, this should be a red flag to all partners in law firms. Don Draper in season two of Mad […]

  • Whats that in your hand?

    Many companies are starting to create their own business video and audio content as opposed to getting an external company in to do it for them. What is becoming clear is that online video requires a different skill set and style of content to produce and be effective. The reason is simple.  The TV remote […]

  • How many clients did you loose today?

    The competition in businesses such as law, accountancy and FIA’s has become fiercely competitive in the last few years and is set to become even tougher in the next few. Some see social media as the FREE solution, but is that really the case?  Research, if you can believe it, says that social media might […]