• Business and broadcasting

    Innovative businesses will realise that they can be their own broadcasters.  Traditional TV and radio are in decline due to online streaming services.  A major change in how entertainment and information is consumed will allow business to create, control and distribute information.   They will become the new online broadcasters.

  • The business media star

    Business will start to take risks and realise that growth is about its people not the business itself.  Staff will play a more important role in generating new business by producing their own content.  They will get a better understanding of their core audiences and create content for them.

    They will build a following and some may even emerge as video stars.

  • Broadcast versus engagement

    Smart business will realise that just adding to the noise online is not productive and has no impact on profits.  Engagement will be the new goal.  Engagement is not without its risks so content management and will become more important in order to ensure that engagement really works.

  • Social media

    Towards the end of 2017 many businesses started to question the true value of social media.  Marketing departments will need to demonstrate its real value with definable outcomes.  As a result the use and value of social media for many business will see a decline.

    Social media including YouTube will start to feature more advertising.  Advertising has never been enjoyed by the masses in traditional media and being force fed it online will reduce audiences.  The real question is will social media find an alternative to advertising in order to generate revenue?

  • Online video styles

    Corporate video will go the way of the dinosaur.  People do business with people they know like and value.  Simpler more cost effective ways of making video will allow individuals within a business to have their own channels that will be updated frequently.

  • Traditional marketing

    Marketing as we know it will need to adapt or die.  New digital departments will emerge producing and distributing video content frequently.  Interactive video will become more popular where the content will be controlled by the end user.

  • Google and video

    While other search engines are available Google will still rule.  For the last eight or so years Google has been featuring video in all searches.  Video is now the media of choice and the one that is promoted highest by Google.  However as Google owns YouTube those are the videos which get the highest ranking.

    The question is should professional services really use YouTube?

  • It’s not all about pictures

    While the internet is a visual medium there will still be a place for audio only.  Innovative businesses will create and distribute their own podcasts.  Unlike video podcasts can be consumed on the move and can reach niche markets.

    We will see a combination of video and podcasting being used more.  Video can establish the speaker, podcasting can expand on the original theme of the video in a personal way.


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