• Option 1: You employ a film production company



    We have several meetings to discuss your requirements.

    We will produce a story board

    We will produce a script for you to sign off.

    We film and edit the footage.  We can also add other footage, images, music and sound effects  to support the story.

    We provide your video in the format of your choice

    We can also provide distribution

    This is a pain free solution as we do all the work

    Our Experience

    One of the most common mistakes we have seen clients make is when they get attached to that one big video idea. Often it’s because they think that it’s better to pool all their money into one special video for their home page.

    No matter what your business is, you have more than one story to tell, so why limit yourself?

  • Option 2: In house workshop



    Workshops are a good idea for firms that see a long term benefit from using video marketing and want to invest in their in house business skills.

    .You will learn:

    Scripting, lighting, sound, presenting, interviewing and more. The Partners In Video workshop teaches you all the skills and techniques you need to make engaging, effective video for your business.

    We ensure the workshops are fun and we make them simple to understand with lots of hands on experience.

    You end up with business skills that will set you ahead of the competition and is not as expensive as option one.

    Note:  We do not teach you editing skills.  Learning to edit video correctly is expensive in terms of the software and equipment.  It would also take a very long time to get truly proficient at this skill.

    That said if you really want to edit your own movies we can provide advice and build a course to your exact requirement.

    Our Experience

    Feedback from those on the course and senior partners has always been positive.  However when we follow up six months later some clients tell that after the initial excitement day to day business meant that the investment was pushed to the back burner.

    Workshops are excellent but there must be a commitment by senior partners and those on the course to allocate time for these projects.  If that is understood at the beginning workshops are an excellent way to go as it’s a business skill that will prove invaluable.

  • Option 4: Be a Partner In Video

    • You will learn from an award winning team with a proven track record in the public and private sector.
    • Our online video course will show you how to make professional video footage using your smart phone in private at your own pace when and wherever suits you. There is no need to take time away from the business.
    • Very low investment in equipment.
    • Personal mentoring online to fine tune your presentation and key messages
    • We take your footage and turn it into a professional looking video that will engage clients and make the phone ring.
    • You will gain a business skill you can use to attract new customers and maintain contact with existing ones.
    • We provide ongoing topical ideas that will generate more business.
    • You become a Partner In Video
  • Perfect Solution


    Problems we solve

    People can learn the basics at their own speed when and where it suits them so no time away from the day job.

    We edit your videos which removes the extra time required to produce video content.

    Your finished video is ready for broadcast and we can promote it using our distribution network.

    By supplying you with regular story ideas all you need to do is shoot the basic footage and we do the rest.


    We have just made this course certificated.  It requires a pass mark of 80% and can be used as part of your continuing development.


  • Personal comment

    There are many types of videos businesses are either sold or believe are right for them.  My personal experience is the ones that always have the most impact on the bottom line are the ones that feature people.

    Seven years ago I did a series of partner profile videos for a law firm.

    Each was ninety seconds long and were placed on the profile page.  It was a risk as no one else was doing this so would it work was the question?

    Those partners were quick to tell me it did for one very simple reason.  When people called, and they did, everyone said the same thing.

    “I have just seen you and liked what you had to say”

  • Continued

    Since then advances in smart phone camera technology have brought great opportunities to use inexpensive tools to deliver compelling video material that’s highly usable on digital channels.

    How those shots are put together and the story told is editing, the heavy lifting if you will.  Editing can make or break a business video.

    Editing is what we do and we are very good at it.

    John Reynolds