Why professional services should stop selling and start helping

  • Let’s be honest my guess is that you would respond far better to someone offering to help you rather than selling you a solution.  Selling a service might well get you a customer today but being helpful would win you a customer for life.

    I am not suggesting that your law firm accountancy practice or financial service company work for nothing or becomes a charitable organisation.  What I am suggesting is that you stand out from the crowd by substituting the word helping for selling and demonstrate it.

  •  “Smart marketing in 2018 is about

    Help not Hype”.

  • The story – It starts with a customer’s needs.

    GDPR is all the rage at the moment and many law firms are offering their clients workshops on the subject which is great, it’s helping.  The example I am about to give you features one such firm, Kitsons LLP.  As you would expect all business managers and HR professionals attending the workshops were very grateful for the information.

    All those who attended asked if the firm had something they could give to their employees to get them up to speed.  The simple solution would have been to create a handout but Jayme Nicholson, partner and Rory Wakeling associate at Kitsons LLP had a better idea and for very good business reasons.

  • They helped their clients’ and turned it into marketing content at the same time.

    They decided to create an online video course featuring a partner and associate from the firm.

    • The course would use mobile learning making it available on any device 24/7.
    • Clients simply gave a link to their employees who had fifteen days to complete the course.
    • On successful completion employees could print out a certificate and hand it to their line manager as proof of course completion.

    A survey was also added for feedback on the course and to allow employees to submit any questions they might have that affected their role in the business.  Business owners then had the opportunity to contact the law firm who could address any individual business specific issues, for a fee.

    Lessons learnt

    • Jayme and Rory listened to the client’s needs
    • They came up with an innovative way of solving the client’s problem
    • They realized that using video would build trust with clients
    • They enlisted help from Partners In Video
    • Course feedback was 100% positive
    • For clients who needed specific requirements,guess who they called?
  • The client- centric approach should be to build relationships and help clients. The more one tries to sell, the more the prospective client gets turned off. Just think of the times when you needed services or products. You probably just wanted to be guided and helped, not to be sold something.

    Personal note

    In general terms innovation and law firms tend not to make natural bedfellows and I can understand why.  I believe this story demonstrates perfectly how more enlightened partners can bring fresh thinking and innovative ideas to the table.  It also shows a level of trust by the strategy board who should be congratulated for taking a risk that clearly has paid off.

    In business knowing when to ask for help is a strength.

    All you have to do is ask.

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You may be wondering how much effort and hard work was involved in all of this.

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